Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alaska Gas Pipeline

This Blog tracks the progress of the Alaska Gas Pipeline project. It's a continuation of the ak-gas-pipeline blog I started back in November when the State of Alaska accepted proposals under the Alaska Gas Inducement Act (AGIA).

The AGIA yielded five AGIA bidders and a non-AGIA bid from ConocoPhillips.

From the stack of five AGIA bids, Alaska's Governor, Sarah Palin recently announced that only TransCanada met the Statutory Requirements.

The Governor rejected the ConocoPhillips proposal
, and decline further comment on the other proposals from the Alaska Gasline Port Authority, AEnergia LLC, Sinopec ZPEB and
Alaska Natural Gasline Development Authority (Spur Lines only).

The politics is heating up as Alaskan Lawmakers want to take a closer look at the ConocoPhillips proposal and the Alaska Gasline Port Authority proposal.

The next few months should be full of more news and surprises. Stay tuned.

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